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110,000 Cyber Attacks – Per Hour on United States Government

We all know that cyber attacks are starting to become the new gateway for terrorists, but did you ever wonder just how many cyber attacks occur? Well the US Navy declared that they are actually seeing a whopping 110,000 cyber PER HOUR!

110,000 Cyber Attacks - Per Hour on United States Government

Obviously the US government and military are a prime target for those hackers, but they confirmed that they are actually receiving about 110,000 cyber attacks per hour on average. Figure out the math and you’ll realize that that’s 96.36 billion cyber attacks per year and 1,833 cyber attacks per minute.

The FBI is fully aware of this issue and has announced that they plan to strengthen their computer security systems. They’ve also begun to investigate hackers around the world. However, just like a single household, it all comes down to computer security.

The truth of the matter is that no one is safe online anymore. You need to ensure you have full security and protection in order to safely browse online and even then security breaches can occur.


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