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A renowned New York art museum retained Jennings Smith after discovering that a number of valuable lithographs were missing from their storage area. After determining the scope of the loss, an investigate team was formed and an undercover operation commenced. The undercover agent, acting as a warehouse employee, learned that two employees were stealing the artwork at the request of a “fence.” Through a combination of hidden camera video surveillance and undercover investigation, solid leads were developed and the stolen artwork was located in a private out-of-state residence. A federal agency was notified and briefed on our findings, enabling them to obtain search warrants and seize the client’s property.


Theft of Secured Property

You've got questions. We've got answers. Call 1-866-629-3757 to speak to a private investigator or security consulant.A large real estate syndicate owned a hotel complex that has fallen behind on its principal and interest payments. As negotiations with the bank began to fail, the owners of the real estate syndicate began removing fixtures, supplies, computers and furniture from the complex in advance of the bank auction. Jennings Smith was retained to initiate an investigation and locate the secured property—which had been disbursed throughout the state. Within a week, a majority of the pledged property was located and the client was reimbursed for the fair market value of the items which were not returned.


Hidden Asset Attachment

A bank was in negotiations with an individual who had defaulted on personal loan guarantees for monies borrowed to finance a large condominium project. The borrower provided an alleged up-to-date financial statement. The bank retained Jennings Smith to conduct a due diligence investigation. During the investigation, it was learned that the borrower routinely traveled to New York. Jennings Smith, working through its team of investigators, determined that the borrower owned a New York luxury condominium assessed at ore than one million dollars—and that the property was free of any mortgages, liens, or encumbrances. Counsel for the bank was notified and took immediate steps to lien the property.

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