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Background Investigations

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We’ve all seen the ads on the Internet: “Instant Background Investigations: Special This Week Only $99!”

While enticing, most of these low-priced services cull information from old and outdated data sets, telephone directories and public informational sources. Professional investigators often refer to the retrieved information as “garbage in, garbage out” and treat it as unreliable. The data from these ‘information brokers’ can often be false and, subsequently, extremely dangerous and misleading — especially in the identification of individuals attempting to hide a serious criminal history, personal problems or a checkered business history.

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For the past 35 years, Jennings Smith Associates has specialized in conducting comprehensive and accurate background checks and developing precise profile information on individuals, business entities and organizations in CT, NY, NJ, across the US, and around the world. JSA is routinely hired by major corporations, legal firms, small businesses and individuals to secure legally obtainable information that can be developed about an individual or entity.

First and foremost, we are tasked with validating the subject’s identity (and history of identities if the individual has changed names at any point). We then verify a wealth of information such as date of birth, address history, work history, legal history, family history, travels and more.

Using state-of-the-art tools as well as effective long-lived research methodologies, our team of well-qualified and seasoned investigators gather and classify documents from numerous public and private sources and establish a ‘paper trail’ of our subject. Research is routinely conducted in state, county and municipal courthouses, public repositories, archives and university libraries, as well as newspaper ‘morgues’. Thorough searches of disclosable criminal and civil records systems are conducted on a national, state and local level to determine if any available records are contained within those systems.

If the subject or entity has ever been involved in litigation, we obtain every detail about that case and secure certified copies of the case file. Additional research may be performed in accessing periodicals, directories, trade publications and business journals. Research tools are used to interrogate the Internet and secure information that may be developed from social media sites, message boards, and other repositories.

Assessors and clerks’ offices at the state and county level are routinely checked for tax liens, judgments, and adverse filings. We also offer these services internationally and work closely with foreign affiliates to secure background information and records from over 250 countries.

After gathering information from known reliable and credible repositories, telephone and/or face-to-face interviews are routinely conducted with relevant sources to develop further insight as to the background, character and reputation of our subject. A final review of the tasking outline and collected documents are populated into a proprietary report matrix and an executive level report is presented to our client.

Simply stated, we do not conduct simple background checks. From paper trails to verbal testimonies, Jennings Smith Associates of Connecticut conducts comprehensive background investigations that bring to light everything you could possibly want to know about your subject of interest. Our firm understands the critical importance of running accurate and thorough background investigations on prospective employees, or even potential love interests. On both the corporate and personal levels, what you don’t know can certainly hurt you. If you hire an employee with a dangerous history that went undetected in a superficial background check, you and your company can suffer potentially irreversible consequences. Do not sacrifice your business and your reputation for the $99 background check special on the Internet.

If you or your organization requires first rate comprehensive background assessments to validate credentials, verify statements or documents from an individual, prospective vendor, employee or person of interest, contact us toll-free at 866-629-3757 or email us at info@jsainvestigations.com and we’ll assist you in getting the facts you need to make a personal or business decision.

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