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Computer Forensic Services

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Jennings Smith Associates provides Computer Forensic Services in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and throughout the United States.

JSA Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) possess at least ten years of experience in computer forensics and data recovery. We routinely perform forensic imaging and analysis of computers, hard disk drives, flash drives, cell phones and other digital devices. Our forensics examinations have covered legal areas such as employment, intellectual property, trade secrets, and inappropriate computer usage. Our firm’s Computer Forensic Team will assist you in developing security policies and oversight to preclude or prevent loss both externally and internally.

Computer forensics tasks may range from simple data retrieval to a complete digital recreation of a series of events. The Jennings Smith Associates team relies on numerous proven techniques and expert knowledge to successfully address the wide scope of tasks at hand.

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Throughout all JSA forensic investigations, our experts follow a standard process which entails the acquisition, examination, analysis and reporting of data from devices. With recent drastic advances in technology, investigators are now able to evaluate both “static” and “live” operating systems. Cutting-edge analysis tools enable our team to develop a precise and uniform picture of currently and previously running operations. Through extensive use of these progressive forensic tools, our investigators implement a variety of techniques in order to gather information from devices.

Recovery of deleted files is often necessary in forensics cases. It is a common misconception that once a file or program is deleted, it may no longer be accessed or viewed by another user. Physical file data is rarely erased entirely from operating systems. Additionally, with modern software, appropriate tools exist for the sole purpose of carving out and recovering deleted information. Therefore, our investigators have ample means of reconstructing all deleted data from physical disk sectors.

Our forensic experts have successfully testified in multiple criminal cases where incriminating data were thought to be erased. From white-collared crime to child pornography cases to a simple viral infiltration of your operating system, Jennings Smith Associates forensic investigators possess the expertise and technology to recover relevant and critical data.

Cross-drive analysis is often used in cases of fraud, for example, or in order to identify social networks. Through cross-drive analysis, investigators connect and analyze information discovered on multiple hard drives. This method is extremely effective in recognizing peculiar events that do not follow an anticipated pattern, or match other items in a data set.

Live analysis is also an effective method employed by our forensic experts in order to extract evidence. Through live analysis, investigators use our key forensics tools to search the computer from within its operating system. This method is most practical when the case involves encrypted file systems — where experts may collect encryption keys and potentially image the hard drive volume before the computer shuts down.

Whether your project requires examination of a large quantity of computers or single PC, we have both the expertise and capabilities to assist you in the following areas and beyond:

Protecting Your Data:

  • Data Encryption and Security
  • Data Intrusion Prevention Services
  • Web Identity Protection Services

Recovering Your Data:

  • Data Recovery Services
  • Hardware Failure Recovery
  • Data Forensics

Clean Up Your Data:

  • Virus / Spyware / Malware Cleanup
  • Antivirus / Anti-spyware / Anti-Malware Services
  • Operating System Recovery Services

For additional information regarding our computer forensic services and how Jennings Smith Associates can provide you or your organization with safeguards to help protect your computer systems, recover and restore data, and provide protective measures against intrusion and compromise, please contact us with the following form, or by telephone at 866-629-3757.

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