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Computer Hacking Investigations, Evidence Collection, and Data Recovery Services

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JSA’s cybersecurity experts are ready to assist you with a complete array of cybercrime protection, data recovery, and evidence collection services. Cyber forensic Investigations include: unauthorized data access; PII (personal identifiable information) exposure; IP (intellectual property/proprietary information) theft; employee social media/email/messaging abuse; ransomware data corruption; and more.

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Computer Forensics allows digital data be collected, examined and preserved so that it can be used in any legal situation. Using today’s current technology; we can find and prepare that evidence for you. It may be the smoking gun that wins your case, or the critical evidence that protects you from an unnecessary lawsuit.

We use state-of-the-art forensic tools and software, such as Guidance EnCase, FTK Imager, Magnet IEF and Axiom. The evidence is collected and documented using court tested techniques to preserve all findings. Depending on the case, evidence can be recovered from multiple sources. Individual computers, tablets, smart phones, networked servers and network device logs are all sources of data that can be collected and preserved to document your case. Our experienced analysis can recover deleted data, document Internet browsing, retrieve social media activity, determine file and network access and reproduce other user activity. Some of the typical cases we deal with are:

  • Improper Employee Activity: Is an employee accessing data or servers they should not be using? Have they copied proprietary data to a USB device or a cloud storage site? Are there allegations of harassment, workplace theft, accounting fraud or inappropriate computer usage? These are all areas where computer forensics can recover the critical evidence.
  • Ransomware: A surge in ransomware attacks are encrypting companies’ data and demanding bitcoin payments to recover the data. We can assist in determining the best strategy to respond to the attack and assist in the ransom payment and data decryption.
  • IP Data Theft: The loss of proprietary information and intellectual property can come from an internal breach by a current or departing employee or from an external network attack. Computer forensics can recover the deleted emails and webmail fragments, and trace the data downloaded to a USB device or cloud storage that details the theft.
  • PII Exposure: Has a data breach exposed Personal Identifiable Information that is on your computers? Our investigation can document the extent of your data breach and potentially limit the size of your reporting requirements.
  • Social Media Usage: Track and discover a computer user’s Internet usage, including sites visited, files viewed, information downloaded, and communications with others through email, instant messaging or other social media products.
  • Cyber Security Audits and Assessments: We conduct data center security audits to determine if your current security products and services (surveillance cameras, access control, DVR, etc.) are consistent with regulatory standards and current best practices.

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