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Due Diligence Investigations


Jennings Smith Associates has specialized in a wide range of due diligence investigation services to the business, legal, and financial communities since 1976.

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During the past several years, the undisclosed and unprecedented level of deceit, fraud, and lack of corporate governance in board rooms, investment banking, and the investor advisory community has become incomprehensibly threatening to ourselves and our businesses every day. The crippling consequences of these criminal actions highlight the need for investigative due diligence. If you are involved in any type of business and plan to merge or take over another company or even hire new employees, it is extremely important to have full knowledge of the other party and its reputation and history of transactions prior to establishing a relationship. The necessity of due diligence investigation cannot be underestimated, as experts can identify and evaluate liabilities in companies and ensure that any claims made are substantiated before you put the pen to paper. This process is absolutely essential in order to preclude or prevent loss of individual or corporate investment assets.

Jennings Smith Associates‘ skilled team of investigators and researchers conducts in-depth confidential research into government, business, media and proprietary databases to collect relevant materials and develop insightful information linked to the individual or entity in question. We obtain and review public records that are difficult to find, and we contact company clients, consumers and even its international branches in order to reveal the company’s roots and determine its legitimacy and potential. We conduct one-on-one interviews of government and industry personnel as well as known credible, confidential sources to obtain verifiable information regarding the subject. Investigations are conducted to determine general reputation and standing within both the business and legal industries.

Our highly experienced investigators use a variety of methods in order to develop a complete understanding of an enterprise and its history. Using a combination of long-lived research methodologies and advanced forensic tools, our investigators reliably conduct extensive background investigations, surveillance, asset searches, mystery consumerism (or undercover observation), financial and business investigations and more. Once we present the ample evidence collected throughout the course of our investigation, our client is able to accurately assess the amount of risk involved in the potential business transaction.

If you want to truly know all the facts about an individual or entity in connection with any business transaction, Jennings Smith Associates Investigative Due Diligence Team will dig deeper into the subject’s history than you ever thought possible. Through reliable and credible sources only, the JSA team will present all of the evidence required for you to make a calculated and prudent decision regarding the individual or business of interest. JSA will help you to avoid costly errors, future lawsuits, and a damaged reputation in your industry.

Investigative Due Diligence

  • Individuals
  • Corporate Entities
  • Money Managers
  • Fund of Fund Managers
  • Hedge Fund Principals
  • Broker Dealers
  • Investment Bankers
  • Board of Directors

Investigation and Discovery

  • Forensic Accounting
  • Questioned Document Analysis
  • Investor Suitability Investigations
  • Patent Infringement
  • Illegal/Unethical Conduct

If you suspect that you have been victimized by fraudulent or unethical conduct by any third party in the business or financial community, our skilled staff will assist you in developing your case and pursue every lawful investigative tactic to uncover hidden assets that may be available for garnishment.

Should you have questions regarding our Due Diligence Investigation Services, please contact us toll-free by telephone at 866-629-3757, via e-mail, or by visiting the Contact Us page. All data provided is encrypted to insure complete confidentiality. We look forward to hearing from you.

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