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Informational Services

Information gathering investigations.

Jennings Smith Associates provides Informational Services in NY, NJ, CT, throughout the US, and across the globe.

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Our skilled teams of private investigators utilize state-of-the-art data gathering tools as well as proven investigative methodology to obtain information attendant to all of our clients’ needs.

Jennings Smith Associates experts use a wide variety of sources in collecting and verifying pertinent case details for clients. Our network of databases expands well beyond the boundaries of the United States. We have regular access to over eleven hundred databases worldwide, enabling us to legally obtain accurate information, conduct thorough web interrogation and surveillance, and insure timely and efficient delivery of information to clients.

Our team uses credible sources to gather factual information about the subject(s) of interest in order to allow clients to make critical decisions before fully committing to the investment of time and resources. All source-related material and case data obtained are securely documented and strictly confidential.

Informational Services Include:

  • Asset Searches: Foreign and Domestic
    • With funds being easily transferable around the globe and offshore financial institutions expanding, it is becoming relatively easy to create complex corporate structures through which the true ownership of a company’s assets may be disguised. JSA has successfully conducted numerous asset searches and recoveries for all types of businesses, both domestically and internationally.
  • Alliances, Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Business Background and Company Reputation
    • When considering whether to purchase a business, become a merger, or even join a business, you are responsible for knowing its culture, reputation and past. What you don’t know can often hurt you, and our services guarantee to protect you from ignorance. JSA provides the highest quality, in-depth investigations of any enterprise of interest, small or large.
  • Background Investigations
    • Our team of seasoned investigators specializes in conducting comprehensive background checks and developing precise profile information on individuals and organizations. After gathering information from known reliable and credible repositories, telephone and/or face-to-face interviews are routinely conducted with relevant sources to develop further insight as to the background, character and reputation of our subject. A final review of the tasking outline and collected documents are populated into a proprietary report matrix and an executive level report is presented to our client.
  • Criminal Records Searches
  • Credentials
  • Due Diligence
    • The JSA Due Diligence Team conducts extensive investigations, collecting information on an individual or entity from every angle. Through accessing Government, Business, Media and proprietary databases, we gather a comprehensive report about the subject. After evidence is presented, the client is fully equipped to make prudent decisions about the individual or entity in question.
  • Forensic Document Analysis
    • Our forensic experts have continued success in determining the legitimacy of documents in dispute. Our handwriting experts specialize in identifying handwriting, signatures and forgery. Other services include linking evidence to specific typewriters, printers, check writers, and any other types of writing instrument. Most importantly, our experts are able to ultimately detect various alterations, expunctions, additions, or substitutions in any given document.
  • Investor Due Diligence
  • Investment Portfolio Suitability
  • Intellectual Property
    • In the age of digitization, intellectual property theft is widely common. Trade secrets are at an all-time high risk as majority of businesses store this property on their “secure” computer systems. JSA copyright and IP experts offer free consultation to ascertain whether or not clients have a case. Upon determination that intellectual property theft is at play, our teams trace the source of theft and collect sufficient evidence to end the misappropriation of your intellectual property.
  • Licenses, Professional and Personal
  • Litigation Searches: Federal, State and Local
  • Patent Verification
  • Trusts and Estate Filing Information
  • Venture Capitalization Investigations
  • Web Interrogation and Surveillance

Should you have questions regarding our informational services, please contact us by telephone at 866-629-3757 or via e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you.

Call 1-866-629-3757 for expert, discreet private investigations in CT and across the US.

  • Jennings Smith Associates Professional Certifications

    • Professional Certified Investigator (PCI), ASIS International
    • Certified Protection Professional (CPP), ASIS International
    • Physical Security Professional (PSP), ASIS International
    • Certified Homeland Security Level 5 (CHS-V), American Board for Certification in Homeland Security
    • Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP), Disaster Recovery Institute International
    • Certified Healthcare Safety Professional (CHSP), Board of Certified Hazard Control Management
    • Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional (CHEP), Board of Certified Hazard Control Management
    • Certified Safety & Health Manager (CSHM), Institute for Safety and Health Management
    • Certified Hazard Control Manager (CHCM), Board of Certified Hazard Control Management
    • Certified Forensic Consultant (CFC), American College of Forensic Examiners International

    Certifications Continued


    Cyber Forensic Investigations

    JSA's cybersecurity experts are ready to assist you with a complete array of cybercrime protection, data recovery, and evidence collection services. Cyber forensic Investigations include: unauthorized data access; PII (personal identifiable information) exposure; IP (intellectual property/proprietary information) theft; employee social media/email/messaging abuse; ransomware data corruption; and more.

    Cyber Forensics Continued

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