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Security Audits and Assessments

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Jennings Smith Associates provides comprehensive physical facility security audit and assessment services conducted by local, licensed and highly credentialed security professionals in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and throughout the United States.

Our experts utilize proven facility audit tools in reviewing your organization’s ability to react and respond to site-based emergencies. These audits and assessments result in identification of deficiencies of physical security and safety issues so that a systematic approach to resolving the deficiencies may be implemented on a priority basis.
We provide broad-based training to support an overall safety, security and emergency management program. Our instructors are exceptionally effective and well credentialed with certifications from ASIS and a host of other Professional Certification boards and organizations. Our training modules range from Crisis Management Planning and Implementation and mandated Workplace Violence training to basic Personal Employee Safety courses.

We are aware that the end-to-end security audit and assessment is not an endeavor that any executive, business owner or IT manager looks forward to. However, it is also absolutely essential in order to properly ensure that any business is complaint with State and Federal workplace safety and security statutes.

You've got questions. We've got answers. Call 1-866-629-3757 to speak to a private investigator or security consulant.Jennings Smith conducts vulnerability surveys in a number of critical business areas: including, but not limited to visitor management, cyber and IT operations, transportation and shipping, site-based security force deployment, mail and package handling, access and identification security. We conduct the most comprehensive examination of all security protocols and procedures currently adopted in the company’s Emergency Operations Plan to determine if your business is compliant with OSHA and NFPA regulations.

While we do address physical safety issues and respond to site-based emergencies, our security audits have adapted with the evolving needs of businesses to protect against risk and respond and react to protect its people and property. With increasing threats to seemingly secure company data, Jennings Smith Associates prioritizes business-information security. Through our security audits, JSA uses long-lived investigative techniques as well as the most advance investigative tools to uncover any weaknesses that exist in your business’s information technologies, security strategies, employees and other critical areas. This thorough assessment will ultimately help you find and implement more efficient ways to protect your confidential company information. It will also better educate your business on the importance of better security, safety, and emergency management, the function and processes of the recommended technologies, and the actual deployment and maintenance of specific security systems.

Security Audit Practices

Jennings Smith Associates provides industry aligned audit and assessment tools and best practices to gain the most comprehensive examination of your business’s current security and safety program. JSA does not limit itself to vulnerability scans, or to the calculated examination of operating systems and high tech security settings. Our team conducts one-on-one interviews of personnel as well as in-depth research of the company’s historical incident and loss reporting. Evaluation of current security policies and procedures is also highly prioritized in our audit practices. After assessment of a company’s current security and safety EOP program, our team determines its overall effectiveness in facing ongoing and future threats.

Aftermath of a JSA Security Audit and Assessment

Upon the conclusion of our security audit and assessment, our team of experts brief key stakeholders in your organization on our findings and recommendations for remediating any noted deficiencies. We then provide your organization with a clear step-by-step process to mitigate the deficiencies by use of a prioritize tasking system. Jennings Smith Associates will take you through each step in order to implement the most cost effective changes. The JSA security audit and assessment will fully evaluate your security strategies and practices, and make all changes necessary in order to ensure compliance with Federal and State statutes and regulations. Our process ends when we have established a foundation of constant preparedness for your business that will allow it to preclude and or prevent any threats to your company’s employees, facilities and assets.

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