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Outsourced Security Risk Management

The challenges facing today’s companies are far different from those of the past, and the traditional security risk management model is no longer a viable solution for many organizations.

Small to medium sized companies can’t afford the fixed costs of maintaining a well qualified security and emergency management professional, even though the services one could provide are critical to their businesses. Even large companies with greater resources find that planning and program development requirements come in cycles which leave them with not enough qualified personnel to meet needs during critical periods, and costly underutilized expertise during others. In addition, recent national and international events have spurred stakeholders to be increasingly concerned about the design and testing of business continuity plans, and about corporate compliance with existing and emerging safety, security, and emergency planning standards.

You've got questions. We've got answers. Call 1-866-629-3757 to speak to a private investigator or security consulant.Traditional consulting resources haven’t proven to be a satisfactory solution. Repeated project design, engagement letter development and budgeting cycles are time consuming, and each consultant uses significant resources just to come up to speed on the company’s needs. Once the project is concluded, there is usually limited or no access to the consultant’s expertise for evolving issues, and no long term consultant ownership of ongoing results. Project deliverables frequently lapse into obsolescence in a short period of time, and a costly new project cycle with additional consulting services is required to bring them up to date.

Jennings Smith has developed an industry leading solution that offers outsourced security risk management and business continuity planning services to deliver precisely the best resources, when they’re needed, on a cost managed continuous relationship basis. We provide these solutions for clients in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and throughout the United States.

Each client is served by a primary highly qualified security risk management professional who serves as the single point of contact for that organization. He or she meets regularly with a senior executive within the client company and works with designated liaisons to assess the organization’s needs and to develop, implement and manage a plan for delivering ongoing required services. Prioritization and timing of deliverables are managed according to an agreed upon time and cost schedule, and specialized Jennings Smith team members are rotated in and out of the assignment as needed to fulfill the mission. Companies pay only for the services they use, and the scale can be ramped up or down to accommodate changing business conditions. Detailed knowledge of the organization’s priorities, culture, and strategic plans is maintained by the primary contact who continually provides knowledgeable and experienced counsel for managing the client’s security risk exposures, coordinates the efforts of other Jennings Smith team members, and maintains responsibility for all delivered services.

For additional information regarding outsourced security risk management services and how Jennings Smith can provide your organization with an industry leading solution, please contact us via e-mail or by telephone at 866-629-3757.

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