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Executive Protection and Personal Security Services

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Jennings Smith Associates: Your Personal Security Team

Today we live in a time when we all need to be aware of our personal security, whether at work, at home, or while enjoying vacation time with our loved ones. Truth be known, even the best security systems cannot entirely protect us from a determined criminal. We must therefore develop personal security plans to preclude or prevent being victimized by those who intend to do us harm. Calling 911 is not a plan, but a call for help in an emergency situation. Depending on any number of factors, it could take the police several minutes or longer to respond to a call or an alarm.

Our team of experienced, highly qualified and credentialed security consultants at Jennings Smith Associates can provide a certifiably effective risk analysis and assessment to determine your specific vulnerabilities. Based on our assessment, a Personal Security Plan is developed to mitigate identified threats, and protective protocols and procedures are recommended to address each client’s specific safety and security needs.

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Our strategy is not simply to act as a “bodyguard” service for you and your family. Rather than solely responding to threats as they present themselves, our focus to deter and reduce all potential threats before they are ever realized. This requires an extreme amount of foresight, which is a quality that our seasoned professionals have skillfully developed through over three decades of experience in personal security and executive protection.

Our team specializes in advanced planning and preparation, and has various internal connections with local authorities, allowing us to be in close and constant communication with law enforcement agencies whether at work, at home or while traveling. Jennings Smith Associates possesses all the skills necessary to provide you, your company, and your family with a team of skilled operatives to develop and execute a plan for protective services.

When would you want to seek personal security services?

There will inevitably be occasions when you desire additional protection, whether at work, at home, or to protect your family. Below is a list of instances in which it would certainly behoove you to seek professional protection:

  • You are about to terminate a difficult, unproductive or unstable employee
  • You feel the need to insure employee safety during trying times
  • You are directly or indirectly receiving criticism from a disgruntled employee or former employee
  • You have been victimized or harassed by a 3rd party
  • You have been a victim of stalking or other types of surveillance by a known or unknown individual
  • You simply desire peace of mind when you have that “gut feeling” that you may be in danger
  • You are leaving town on a business trip and want to insure the safety of your family while you’re away
  • You are having a special event at your home or other location and want to insure and protect the privacy of you and your guests
  • To insure that your home and valuables are safe during your absence
  • You are a high-profile figure, or a relative of a high-profile figure (e.g. corporate CEO, CFO, high-profile athlete or celebrity, radio or television personality, a high net-worth individual, etc.)

If any of these scenarios apply to yourself or your family, the answer may be an armed or unarmed Personal Security Detail. Jennings Smith Associates comprises a national network of experienced and certified security professionals that will meet your needs in providing well-qualified and trained security personnel for either short- or long-term assignments.

If you have any questions about our Executive Protection and Personal Security Services, call Jennings Smith Associates toll-free today at 866-629-3757 or contact us online for a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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