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US Air Force Space Command Planning to Hire 1000 Employees

January 23rd, 2013 | Cyber, Security | 0 Comments

It’s no longer a secret that the US Air Forces are going to be getting hit with a major cutback in spending come March 1st, 2013. However, the team at San Antonio’s military base isn’t giving up on adding more personnel to their team.

US Air Force Space Command Planning to Hire 1000 Employees

The US Air Force Space Command center wishes to hire about 1000 new employees starting in 2014. These 1000 new employees would be working on cyber security. Cyber security has become a crucial point for the United States and therefore, they need a larger team in order to properly protect the country.

John Dickson at San Antonio’s Denim Group Ltd. Stated the following:

“The Space Command is viewing cyber security as a foundational activity — you cannot do without it.”

And he’s spot on when he says that. Cyber security is equally important as other forms of security in this country. Although many people are still on the other side of this argument, thinking that the physical security of the United States is still more important. I think we can all see just how important cyber security is when our banks are hit with malware that allows individuals overseas full access to our bank accounts.

These days, there are trained individuals worldwide that are trained to hack. This poses a huge threat to countries, especially the United States. We need to have a team of trained experts that will help protect the country against cyber attacks that could take down our entire system.

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1 in 5 Americans Experience Cyber Stalking

January 16th, 2013 | Cyber, Privacy, Private Investigator, Security | 0 Comments

The National Cyber Security Alliance and McAfee released a shocking statistic this January, stating that one in five Americans experience a type of cyber stalking. January is the Annual Stalking Awareness month and in response to that, a survey was completed to show that about 20% of Americans have been affected by a form of cyber stalking. Cyber stalking can take the form of constant emails, constant contact in Facebook, Twitter, etc.

1 in 5 Americans Experience Cyber Stalking

It’s also important to know that not only adults are affected by cyber stalking. Cyber stalking can also happen with young teenagers online. That’s why it’s crucial for parents to keep an eye on what their kids are doing online. You should have certain restrictions.

With all the media that is available online today such as pictures and videos on Facebook, photos and videos on Twitter, videos on YouTube, and more it’s allowing stalkers more and more room to enter the lives of others unwillingly.

When the National Cyber Security Alliance and McAfee completed the survey, they found that 17% of Americans have been affected by identity theft, data theft, online stalking, online bullying, or online fraud. And 29% stated that they know of someone who’s been affected by this type of crime.
Most people don’t even worry about it because they consider cyber stalking to be unreal and more targeted toward celebrities. However, cyber crime can take many forms such as online bullying through any online medium, identify theft, data theft online, and more.

Do you think you are a victim of some form of cyber crime? Feel free to contact us to find out more information on how we can help you find out what’s going on and how to resolve your online issues.

PNC Bank Warning ALL Customers

January 5th, 2013 | Business Security, Cyber, Privacy, Private Investigator, Security | 0 Comments

It’s not breaking news now that PNC experienced a major cyber attacks in the last few weeks on a few of it’s major websites. Their IT team has been working hard to fight off these cyber attacks while maintaining website and mobile access for customers, however, there was still a great deal of damage done and information exposed.

PNC Bank Warning Customers

PNC’s IT team noticed a sporadic spikes of high traffic, which have indicated cyber attacks in the past. Therefore, PNC sent out a mass email to about 5 million of their customers warning them of the traffic spikes they’ve noticed and to be cautious. The attacks cause a great deal of traffic to visit their major websites, causing their websites to work at an extremely slow pace for customers.

On a more positive note, PNC also stated that they use encryption software to protect all of their customers’ information during these cyber attacks.
PNC is a great example of preventing disaster by taking high security action. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to do this and when a cyber attack occurs, customer information is exposed and a great deal of damage is done.

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Iran Thwarted Cyber Attack Over Holidays

December 28th, 2012 | Cyber, Privacy, Security | 0 Comments

The southern province of Hormozgan experienced many large industrial websites getting attacked by a common cyber attack recently. Fortunately, the malware was detected before it can do any major damage to their systems.

Iran Thwarted Cyber Attack Over Holidays

Bandar Abbas Tavanir, a power company in Hormozgan, has been the target for many cyber attacks recently. Luckily, highly trained and skilled Iranian computer experts were able to catch the malware before it did any major damage on their systems.

Iran isn’t new to cyber attacks such as these. In 2010, an extremely powerful and dangerous computer virus called Stuxnet was able to get into their systems and disrupted the country’s nuclear power plant.

One expert who was involved in fighting off the recent attack said the malware had Stuxnet-like features, but they were able to stop it this time as compared to 2010.
Although years ago, the most common form of an attack was with weaponry and violence; nowadays, it’s all virtual. Anyone who has any experience working in the computer industry knows how much damage and information you can steal if you are able to hack into a system, therefore that is the new form attack.

110,000 Cyber Attacks – Per Hour on United States Government

December 9th, 2012 | Business Security, Cyber, Security | 0 Comments

We all know that cyber attacks are starting to become the new gateway for terrorists, but did you ever wonder just how many cyber attacks occur? Well the US Navy declared that they are actually seeing a whopping 110,000 cyber PER HOUR!

110,000 Cyber Attacks - Per Hour on United States Government

Obviously the US government and military are a prime target for those hackers, but they confirmed that they are actually receiving about 110,000 cyber attacks per hour on average. Figure out the math and you’ll realize that that’s 96.36 billion cyber attacks per year and 1,833 cyber attacks per minute.

The FBI is fully aware of this issue and has announced that they plan to strengthen their computer security systems. They’ve also begun to investigate hackers around the world. However, just like a single household, it all comes down to computer security.

The truth of the matter is that no one is safe online anymore. You need to ensure you have full security and protection in order to safely browse online and even then security breaches can occur.

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