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Mannequins are Watching You

November 21st, 2012 | Privacy, Private Investigator, Security | 0 Comments

This time of the year the stores are usually packed solid full of people shopping for their friends and family for the Holiday season, but what they don’t realize is that they are actually being not only watched while they are shopping, but recorded too. It’s a very common thing for stores to put up surveillance cameras throughout the stores, but this is really the first time that these cameras are going in better hidden areas and are able to catch much more of what consumers are actually doing – so shop lifters beware!

Mannequins are Watching You

The product is called EyeSee and it was introduced by Italian mannequin producer Almax SpA. The device (worth about $5,072 US) is attracting shop owners all over the world because the mannequin looks like every other mannequin so there is really no way for shoppers to know which ones are set up with video recording.

Store owners and managers strongly believe that they’ll be able to better catch shop lifters with these devices because it’s very common for shop lifters to huddle close to taller objects (such as mannequins) to steal merchandise.

Of course many consumers think this is a huge privacy issue, but some store owners have no choice. Shop lifters in the USA steal about $20 billion dollars of merchandise each year so this is a huge issue that pushes stores to go to the extreme to stop this.

For more information on EyeSee, check out Engadget’s article EyeSee mannequins used to spy on shoppers, confirm paranoid fears.
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Gaza Getting Hit with Millions of Cyber Attacks

November 19th, 2012 | Cyber, Security | 0 Comments

On Sunday, Israel admitted that they are currently the target in a mass cyber war. Since Israel began a major air attack campaign against Gaza, Israel said they’ve fought off over 44 million cyber attacks on their government websites.

The anonymous cyber-attack group was able to bring down dozens of government websites as well as a major bank.

Comments from Israeli Finance Minister, Yuval Steinitz, stated:
“All the attacks were thwarted except for one, which targeted a specific website that was down for six or seven minutes.”


Steinitz also stated that the Israel government is now waging a war on a “second front” in regards to the cyber attacks.
An Israeli ministry spokesman stated that the majority of the cyber attacks have come from Israel and the Palestinian territories.

“The ministry’s computer division will continue to block the millions of cyber attacks,” Steinitz said. “We are enjoying the fruits of our investment in recent years in developing computerised defence systems.”

Both sides in the Gaza conflict, but particularly Israel, are embracing the social media as one of their tools of warfare.

Obama Signs Presidential Order 20: Cyber Attacks

November 15th, 2012 | Security | 0 Comments

It’s interesting how we’d gone from fear of being physically attacked by another country to a fear of being virtually attacked by another country. However, thanks for technology, internet, and development of software – that’s where we are.


This new change to security will greatly impact how the United States can respond to security threats through the internet. According to Ellen Nakashima of the Washington Post:


“What it does, really for the first time, is it explicitly talks about how we will use cyber operations,” a senior administration official said. “Network defense is what you’re doing inside your own networks. . . . Cyber operations is stuff outside that space, and recognizing that you could be doing that for what might be called defensive purposes.”

Therefore, if any attempt to threaten the United States through the internet occurs, the hacker’s computer will automatically be shut-down by commanders.
The issue with this new change is that it may actually interfere with Congress views on cyber security. The other aspect that concerned many people is the fact that this new change to cyber security was so secretive or “private”.

3 Ways to Ensure Your Business is Ready for An Emergency

November 15th, 2012 | Business Security | 0 Comments

Although most business owners and managers think the chances of an “emergency” happening at their business is very slim, they fail to understand the point that although the chances may be slim….it’s being prepared that puts you ahead of the competition. An emergency could be as small as having your Twitter account hacked into to as large as experiencing a major natural disaster. So check out these three ways to ensure that your business is prepared for the worst:

Employee Safety

Social Sustainability Employee Safety

There are so many businesses that unfortunately don’t take many human resource policies seriously which can result in some very major lawsuits. ALWAYS ensure that you are fully acknowledging ALL human resource policies such as ensuring workplace safety courses are done, having emergency exit routes posted throughout your business, and having an emergency first aid kit in the office.

NDAs & Confidentiality Agreements

This is another security and business safety aspect that we see so many businesses not taking seriously. You should have EVERY employee or contractor sign both an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and a Confidentiality Agreement. This ensures that if an ex-employee ever released confidential information about your business after they left your company, you would have legal power to take them to court.

Keep Backups of All Records

Some managers and business owners don’t even know what a hard drive is let alone what backing up is – but a hard drive is a small device that could potentially save your business in the event of a fire, flood, natural distaster of theft of information. A hard drive allows you to back up your entire computer (files, folders, emails, etc.) so that in the case your computer crashes, gets stolen or gets damaged beyond repair – you have a back-up of all your important information.

Hopefully these tips have helped you in better understanding and learning how to be prepared for an emergency. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @JenningsSmith

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