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Connecticut Schools Offered $5 Million For School Safety

May 30th, 2013 | Security | 0 Comments

Since the horrific incident of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, the idea of school safety has been changed forever. Schools are beginning to look at the safety of their students in a more serious and new light.

The $5 million is from the first round of school security funding under the Competitive Grant Program which is a component of the Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety Act signed on April 4, 2013. Any school in Connecticut can apply, but only schools in the more desire need will be given to first. Another two $5 million rounds are expected in the next year.

The grants are specifically for making schools a more safe and secure environment. This will include having a clear and structured safety plan of action.

The Safe and Sound at Sandy Hook Initiative Feel School Safety is Being Forgotten

May 16th, 2013 | Security | 0 Comments

A group of parents who lost their children in the horrific Sandy Hook school shooting that took place last year have been working together to raise money for other communities for more secure schools.  Their initiative is called The Safe and Sound at Sandy Hook.

The Safe and Sound at Sandy Hook

However, this group of parents have recently spoke out stating that the new Gun Policy discussions, school safety seems to have been forgotten.  The parents are stating their concerns that with all the discussions going on regarding guns and gun control in the US, school safety is slipping through the cracks.

They want to remind the country that with the incident of Sandy Hook Elementary, the school already had safety procedures put into place.  All visitors were required to sign into the school.  However, if a visitor is able to sign in, what happens when that visitor begins attacking the school?  There are not enough safety procedures for a situation such as that.  Schools can do everything they wish to stop intruders from entering their schools, but they also need to prepare students and faculty for what happens when that intruder successfully enters the school.

What is you’re child’s school doing for safety?

Are You Comfortable With Police Presence in Schools?

May 11th, 2013 | Security | 0 Comments

With the Newtown, CT shooting still fresh on minds all over the world, schools are taking action to protect their employees and students.  Schools in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan are one of the many schools taking immediate action to prevent any kind of situation happening at their schools by having police officers present.

Are You Comfortable With Police Presence in Schools?

Since the shooting that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary, there has been a huge boost in the idea of having armed guards in elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools; however, the idea isn’t going smoothly everywhere and some think that’s over the top.  The Mt. Pleasant school district in Michigan has been pitched to by Mt. Pleasant police officers, stating that having the presence of police officers in schools as opposed to armed guards would enhance school safety.

Officer Tim Standen, who’s been working with schools for over 15 years, strongly believes that when police officers are present in schools regularly, they learn about the students, they learn what’s happening within the school.

Whether or not this could be a highly successful safety prevention method, is completely up to how successful the strategy will be in multiple schools.

3 Strategies for Dealing With a Social Media Disaster

April 30th, 2013 | Business Security, Privacy | 0 Comments

Almost every business nowadays have a Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube Channel, and more which is great for marketing, but you need to be extremely cautious when you put out all that information about your business.

Social Media Disaster

Some companies choose to hire someone in-house to manage their digital marketing and others choose to outsource their digital marketing to a firm or contractor externally, but the truth is, you need to be precautious no matter what. Check out our three highly recommended strategies for dealing with social media:

Watch Employee Behavior

When you handing off content management to another person either in-house or externally, you need to be extremely careful. You need to ensure that the person is responsible enough to produce valuable and appropriate content. Social media is great for building up a positive reputation, but when things go wrong, social media can also ruin a reputation very easily, so you’ll want to ensure the person is able to positively build your reputation.

Watch Legalities

Social media networks are a great way to introduce great new offers, deals, coupons, and more, but if you happen to have one slight glitch in your deal or offer, it could cost you. Unfortunately many businesses find themselves caught up in this mess of “false advertising” and although it’s almost always unintentional on the business’s side, it opens a legal gateway for consumers to get their revenge. So just ensure you cover ALL legal aspects when offering a deal, coupon, or offer.

Keep Security Up – to-Date

You might think “What does this have to do with social media?” – but it greatly impacts your social media security. If you accidentally allow your computer security get out-of-date and therefore, have ineffective security on your computer system, it opens a gateway to ALL of your usernames and passwords. We had one case where a business simply forgot that their computer system’s security had expired, and their Twitter login credentials were stolen – this resulted in someone beginning to post extremely inappropriate tweets which greatly damaged the companies reputation when their over 10,000 followers saw these inappropriate tweets. So ensure ALL security is always up-to-date.

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The National Rifle Association Meets To Discuss School Safety

April 2nd, 2013 | Security | 0 Comments

The National Rifle Association met this week to debate and discuss the issue of guns and school safety. They’ve been meeting all week long in Washington to discuss how to approach the issue of dealing with gun control and school safety.

The National Rifle Association Meets To Discuss School Safety

The NRA announced the scheduled debate in December in response to the horrific school shooting that took place in Newtown, Connecticut. The NRA has come up with The National School Shield Plan. This plan will present polices, procedures, and resources to be used in implementing this gun control plan.

The NRA is expected to present the proposals to Congress on Tuesday.

The proposal will outline how law enforcement officials will be training armed guards who will be available to schools.

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