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Most Important Key in School Safety → Preparedness

March 28th, 2013 | Security | 0 Comments

Since the increase in school shootings happening in the United States over the past few years in high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools, schools have been hiring consultants, investigators, and security professionals to assess their current school safety and determine an appropriate plan for emergencies.

Jennings Smith Associates

The good aspect here is that schools are already doing the most important key in school safety, which is preparing. Being prepared for any kind of disaster is key, whether that disaster is a natural disaster, shooting, etc. being prepared is the best way to handle any situation.

In response to this, the New Jersey School Board Association stated that all police officers are now being trained to handle shooter situations in schools. The New Jersey School Board Association hosted a forum where they stated that teachers also play a key role as they are on the spot in the situation usually way before police officers are able to get there.

They are also stating that teachers should highly encourage students to report any kind of suspicious activity around the school.
It’s also becoming very common for police officers to stop into schools periodically throughout the day to check everything out.

Safety, Security, & Emergency Planning in our Nation’s Schools

March 20th, 2013 | Private Investigator, Security | 0 Comments

Think about getting a second opinion or even multiple opinions.

Dr. Victor H. Ferry, Ph.D., Senior Security Consultant

School safety, security and emergency management are now in the forefront of American educational leader thought. Finally, even national and state level politicians and others have come to the conclusion something more needs to be done to curb school violence and tragedies. A few years back, primarily after “Columbine,” school districts scurried to obtain crises plans; plans they could hold up to demonstrate something locally was being done, or at least thought about, to curtail the possibility of a calamity. Fact is and unfortunately, many of these were simply “feel good” actions by educators. The process was simple, get a copy of an existing plan, copy it and distribute it to those in charge of schools and students. The needed details to accompany true E-­‐plans or crises plans lay in future actions, many years away and have only recently been addressed in many districts, many within the past few to 5 years. Clearly, the initial actions were honorable and represented recognition that something more than the status quo needed to be addressed. However, much was done sans the benefit of any formal safety or security education, or even experience in the need to address school threats, especially those posed by a suicide shooter. These were almost unheard of in schools and considered unthinkable. Currently, schools are necessarily reassessing preparedness across a wide spectrum of threats. Now, use of or practice of the plans will no longer be eclipsed by an earlier more highly perceived priority: a focus on the education of America’s young. The realization that student safety and welfare has reached its pinnacle of awareness and priority among educators everywhere is an outcome brought about by unspeakable tragedy. Educators and politicians everywhere recognize the need for broad involvement in emergency planning opinions, counsel and advice by trained specialists experienced in safety-­‐security management in reviewing all emergency and crises planning. Schools attempting to go it alone risk the possibility of missing a key point or issue that could save lives.

Most importantly, Districts must retain only licensed and professionally certified Security firms that have documented experience in conducting Security, Safety, and Emergency Management Audits and Assessments at educational facilities.

For information as to how our firm can help you in assessing your school district’s safety, security and emergency management needs, contact us via email at www.jsainvestigations.com or call us at 860-­‐693-­‐6195.

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School Safety Checklist

March 13th, 2013 | Security | 0 Comments

Obviously since the horrific event that took place at Sandy Hook, schools across the country have been reassessing their safety protocols, safety plans, and safety measures. MLive Media Group conducted a two-month investigation on how K-12 schools conduct their regular safety drills.

School Safety Checklist

The results of this assessment showed that so many schools often skip fire, tornado, and lockdown drills. For the schools that have actually conducted safety drills, they either did it all in one day instead of properly spreading them out across the school year or they did it too late in the year, which is very pointless as well.

Doing drills in schools isn’t the only safety precaution people should be taking. Staff at these schools is considered the front-line of school security. If the staff react to these situations properly, it could result in many lives being saved. All school staff members should be properly trained – separately from school drills. School should also be conducting these drills at the beginning of the school year, the middle of the school year, and then closer to the end of the school year.

Most schools very commonly practice fire drills, but not so much lockdown drills. Lockdown drills seem to be the area that most staff members at schools aren’t familiar with really don’t know how to properly react.

Schools should be practicing lockdown scenarios to ensure that all school staff members know how to properly react and protect the students.
If you are interested in having your school properly assessed by Jennings Smith, one of America’s top security experts, contact us here.

Justice Summit to Focus on School Safety

March 8th, 2013 | Security | 0 Comments

In a Justice Summit held in Indianapolis recently, the main topic of discussion was definitely the issue of school safety. Attorney General of Indianapolis, Greg Zoeller, sponsored the annual event for the third year in a row. He states that there is no question about it that school security is a huge issue, more than ever today because of the recent string of events over the last few years.

Justice Summit to Focus on School Security

The Attorney General is now strongly backing a bill that’s quickly making it’s way through the Statehouse that would give all schools matching funds to help them pay for school resource officers.

Unfortunately in the world we currently live in, situations are going to arise no matter what we do. However, it is our duty to protect the children in every way possible and to do our best to keep them out of harms way.

For more information on the Justice Summit that took place in Indianapolis Thursday, check out WishTV.com’s news piece on it.

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One Dead After Gunman Boards Alabama School Bus

February 27th, 2013 | Security | 0 Comments

Yet another horrific shooting incident has taken place in Dale County, Alabama. 65-year-old gunman, Jimmy Lee Dykes, boarded the school bus with a gun in hand. Dykes then handed a note to the bus driver, which stated that he wanted to take some students from the bus.

One Dead After Gunman Boards Alabama School Bus
The gunman open-fired and killed the bus driver, then took a 5-year-old little boy as hostage. The boy was kept in hostage for 5 days, until he was found in a bunker at Dykes house. The boy was treated and is now recovering at home.

The video surveillance camera at the front of the bus captured the entire 4 ½ minute ordeal. It shows the bus driver frantically trying to protect the students by standing between the gunman and them.

Thanks to multiple annual safety drills, the students knew to open the emergency exit while the bus driver stalled the gunman.
As you as can see from this story, school safety is extremely important. With all school faculty and students being trained for these types of situations it can prevent casualties.

For more information on how you can get a safety assessment done on your school or organization, contact us here.

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