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Mutualink Partners with School Safety Expert to Improve Emergency Preparedness

October 31st, 2015 | School Safety, Security | 0 Comments

By: Amanda Vicinanzo
Senior Editor, Homeland Security Today
10/29/2015 (6:46pm)

Two 15 year old boys from Lincoln Way East High School located in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, were charged Wednesday after allegedly posting threats about a school shooting to social media. The boys were taken into custody and the police said the teens issued statements indicating they did not intend to harm anyone.

Although the boys’ posting was likely a hoax intended to get another student in trouble, threats to school safety like this one immediately call to mind tragic school shootings that weren’t stopped, from Columbine to the 2013 Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

Dedicated to improving school safety in the wake of incidents like these, Mutualink Inc., an interoperable communications provider, announced a new partnership with school safety expert Bill Smith to collaborate on ways to improve schools’ preparedness and response in emergency situations through advanced communications technology.

Smith, a founding member of AmericanSchoolSafety.com and principal of Jennings Smith Associates, brings over 30 years of experience in school safety and security issues to the new partnership. Smith’s licensed security consulting firm, Jennings Smith Associates, Inc., provides comprehensive safety and security audits, training and instructional modules for implementing all hazards safety, security and emergency management plans in school districts.

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3 Strategies for Dealing With a Social Media Disaster

April 30th, 2013 | Business Security, Privacy | 0 Comments

Almost every business nowadays have a Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube Channel, and more which is great for marketing, but you need to be extremely cautious when you put out all that information about your business.

Social Media Disaster

Some companies choose to hire someone in-house to manage their digital marketing and others choose to outsource their digital marketing to a firm or contractor externally, but the truth is, you need to be precautious no matter what. Check out our three highly recommended strategies for dealing with social media:

Watch Employee Behavior

When you handing off content management to another person either in-house or externally, you need to be extremely careful. You need to ensure that the person is responsible enough to produce valuable and appropriate content. Social media is great for building up a positive reputation, but when things go wrong, social media can also ruin a reputation very easily, so you’ll want to ensure the person is able to positively build your reputation.

Watch Legalities

Social media networks are a great way to introduce great new offers, deals, coupons, and more, but if you happen to have one slight glitch in your deal or offer, it could cost you. Unfortunately many businesses find themselves caught up in this mess of “false advertising” and although it’s almost always unintentional on the business’s side, it opens a legal gateway for consumers to get their revenge. So just ensure you cover ALL legal aspects when offering a deal, coupon, or offer.

Keep Security Up – to-Date

You might think “What does this have to do with social media?” – but it greatly impacts your social media security. If you accidentally allow your computer security get out-of-date and therefore, have ineffective security on your computer system, it opens a gateway to ALL of your usernames and passwords. We had one case where a business simply forgot that their computer system’s security had expired, and their Twitter login credentials were stolen – this resulted in someone beginning to post extremely inappropriate tweets which greatly damaged the companies reputation when their over 10,000 followers saw these inappropriate tweets. So ensure ALL security is always up-to-date.

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The National Rifle Association Meets To Discuss School Safety

April 2nd, 2013 | Security | 0 Comments

The National Rifle Association met this week to debate and discuss the issue of guns and school safety. They’ve been meeting all week long in Washington to discuss how to approach the issue of dealing with gun control and school safety.

The National Rifle Association Meets To Discuss School Safety

The NRA announced the scheduled debate in December in response to the horrific school shooting that took place in Newtown, Connecticut. The NRA has come up with The National School Shield Plan. This plan will present polices, procedures, and resources to be used in implementing this gun control plan.

The NRA is expected to present the proposals to Congress on Tuesday.

The proposal will outline how law enforcement officials will be training armed guards who will be available to schools.

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Most Important Key in School Safety → Preparedness

March 28th, 2013 | Security | 0 Comments

Since the increase in school shootings happening in the United States over the past few years in high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools, schools have been hiring consultants, investigators, and security professionals to assess their current school safety and determine an appropriate plan for emergencies.

Jennings Smith Associates

The good aspect here is that schools are already doing the most important key in school safety, which is preparing. Being prepared for any kind of disaster is key, whether that disaster is a natural disaster, shooting, etc. being prepared is the best way to handle any situation.

In response to this, the New Jersey School Board Association stated that all police officers are now being trained to handle shooter situations in schools. The New Jersey School Board Association hosted a forum where they stated that teachers also play a key role as they are on the spot in the situation usually way before police officers are able to get there.

They are also stating that teachers should highly encourage students to report any kind of suspicious activity around the school.
It’s also becoming very common for police officers to stop into schools periodically throughout the day to check everything out.

School Safety Checklist

March 13th, 2013 | Security | 0 Comments

Obviously since the horrific event that took place at Sandy Hook, schools across the country have been reassessing their safety protocols, safety plans, and safety measures. MLive Media Group conducted a two-month investigation on how K-12 schools conduct their regular safety drills.

School Safety Checklist

The results of this assessment showed that so many schools often skip fire, tornado, and lockdown drills. For the schools that have actually conducted safety drills, they either did it all in one day instead of properly spreading them out across the school year or they did it too late in the year, which is very pointless as well.

Doing drills in schools isn’t the only safety precaution people should be taking. Staff at these schools is considered the front-line of school security. If the staff react to these situations properly, it could result in many lives being saved. All school staff members should be properly trained – separately from school drills. School should also be conducting these drills at the beginning of the school year, the middle of the school year, and then closer to the end of the school year.

Most schools very commonly practice fire drills, but not so much lockdown drills. Lockdown drills seem to be the area that most staff members at schools aren’t familiar with really don’t know how to properly react.

Schools should be practicing lockdown scenarios to ensure that all school staff members know how to properly react and protect the students.
If you are interested in having your school properly assessed by Jennings Smith, one of America’s top security experts, contact us here.

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